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Education for everyone

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Hi, I'm Odum

Odum Idika, Founder of Piixel

Back in 2005, I took my first steps into the world of web design and development, teaching myself everything from scratch. It was a challenging journey, filled with late nights and countless hours of practice, but it was all worth it. For the past 15 years, that hard work has led to the success and well-being that I experience every day as a web professional.

Piixel is about putting 20 years of lessons, mistakes, and hard work at your fingertips so that you can learn about the world of web design and development in an easy and simple way. It is the platform I wish I had when I was first starting out in this world.

My mission is to guide you on your path to becoming a successful web designer or developer, helping you build a rewarding career in this exciting field.

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